C1-tasemega eesti keele õppijate ja emakeelekõnelejate kirjaliku keelekasutuse võrdlus verbialguliste tetragrammide näitel

Kais Allkivi


Written language use of C1 learners of Estonian and native speakers in comparison: Analysis of verb-initial fourgrams 

This paper comparatively describes verb-initial morphosyntactic patterns in the written language use of C1 level learners of Estonian, i.e. proficient L2 users, and educated native speakers. For this purpose, verb-initial fourgrams were inves- tigated. A further aim of the study is to help provide research-based linguistic content to define language acquisition levels. 


usage-based language description; second language acquisition; cluster analysis; contrastive interlanguage analysis; morphosyntactic variability, lexical variability; Estonian

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5128/LV26.02


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